Everybody loves to cock a meal

Food is something that we all need. Let’s create an override for your Joomla site that uses Custom Fields to generate an easy recipe that displays food recipes.

Template overrides

If you are using Joomla as your CMS, there is a way to customize your website. These are called Template overrides. You can override almost everything in Joomla to fit your needs. You need some basic knowledge of PHP, but otherwise, it is pretty straightforward.

The backend of Joomla can be very boring to look at. You can customize it as you like, by adding and replacing modules on the page.

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A template is the holy grail of a CMS-system; it lays out the structure of your website. But it's always possible to tweak the content and make it look better. All Modules, Components, or Plugins in Joomla can be changed using overrides.