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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential for becoming successful online. There are a high number of tools to help you in reaching your SEO goals. One of these tools is 4SEO from Weeblr.

Snippets - Reuse content in a smart way

Regular Labs - Snippets for recurring content are an easy way to reuse your content on a page. It works by adding a shortcode to your site. You can manage the Snippets in an easy interface and use the default editor to ad the content.


PageBuilders, a useful tool to create and manage your pages

The JD Page Builder from is one of the best page builders for Joomla as of date. As a highly sophisticated page builder with a clean layout, it offers many features that can help you make great pages for your Joomla site. It requires no knowledge of neither HTML nor CSS to create content. You can just drag and drop content into the editing window.

Office Chair in front of Screens

Extensions from Regular Labs is very easy to use, they come with great documentation, and are for the most self-explanatory. This is almost the case for this extension too. However, I decided to write a review and give you my thoughts.

The DB Replacer is another good extension from Regular Labs, this extension gives you complete control over the DataBase that your Joomla install is based on, without going into tools like phpMyAdmin that require a lot more knowledge.

Regular Labs. Modal

Using the Modal from Regular Labs gives you the opportunity to extend your content, image, video, or an external link into a popup that displays it.

Akeeba Backup

One of the most important things to have in mind when you deploy a new website is Backup policy. Akeeba Backup is a free Component from AkeebaBackup, which allows you to do secure backups and maintaining them for your Joomla site.

Akeeba Admin Tools

A tool for doing the heavy overview of how the admin area is secured is always useful to have. Admin Tools from Akeeba is one of these tools. With this Component, you will take the security up quite a few notches.