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The dark mode is the new Black, and it keeps your eyes from getting light exhausting. And it also looks great in the browser. The Dark mode is not native in either Joomla 3 or Joomla 4 (as of my knowledge). But there is a solution if you don’t want to use a plugin for your browser. You can simply override the CSS with a custom.css file in the backend of Joomla. By default this is built into Joomla Core, you only need to add the file. Read how to do this here. 

Web engineering

In Joomla, it’s possible to use CSS more effectively than most people realize. You can, if wanted personalize each page just by adding a CSS class to the menu link.

Are you tired of getting a huge amount of SPAM using forms like RS Form or others?

Dual Screens - Responsive

Let's state it once and for all, the backend in Joomla is quite boring, but what if you can give it a more interactive and interesting look. This is quite easy to do using the backend modules and CSS. 


Is it possible to make content sliders using pure CSS & HTML only? - Read through and find out more. I will show you some smart tricks that make an awesome reusable slider using only HTMl & CSS.

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CSS has from the age of the Internet been a part of doing websites. It is an easy but useful way to design an article. There are several ways to write CSS in Joomla, you can use an external file to store all CSS codes in, you can use an extension to include the code, or you can write CSS directly in the content. In this article, I will give some look into how I do it.

Have you ever made a website with Joomla and you are getting the title "Home" with a large h1-header-tag? You can either hide the tag completely on all content, or you must specify it to be hidden on every page/article you make. There is a third and maybe smarter way to do this. 

Have you ever been frustrated by styling a page for then realize that every image contains a white line underneath, I saw this trick on Youtube and tried it with Joomla. The result was that line disappeared. This issue resides from the early internet when we've to use inline images in the text.