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JCE Editor is the best and most used Editor in Joomla; only TinyMCE as the core editor can beat it. Every Joomla site should have the JCE Editor installed because it is free and easy to use.

Everybody loves to cock a meal

Food is something that we all need. Let’s create an override for your Joomla site that uses Custom Fields to generate an easy recipe that displays food recipes.

Template overrides

If you are using Joomla as your CMS, there is a way to customize your website. These are called Template overrides. You can override almost everything in Joomla to fit your needs. You need some basic knowledge of PHP, but otherwise, it is pretty straightforward.

Create Custom Fields in Joomla - Rating stars

Custom Fields in Joomla offers a large number of opportunities. You can, if you like, create an override using Custom Fields directly into the article, or you can put them into an article wherever you want.


Earn Money on your Joomla Website

If you have a website developed with Joomla CMS, you can earn money on your site. Using affiliate links from different sources and putting their ads in your content, you can sell products from your website. 

Howto use JCE Editor to add CSS class in content without using HTML

If you have a custom.css file and would like to use JCE Editor to insert the CSS style classes to trigger CSS, this is how you can do this without knowing any HTML. Just follow these easy steps. 


Silenced Hacking

Is it possible to do things in Joomla Backend that is considered a hack! This tip from Basic Joomla is the answer, Yes!, there are several hidden possibilities in Joomla if you put your fingers into it.? - Here is how to use a hack for doing better Menu separator in Joomla. Here are two ways to do it, the hack and a CORE way.


The backend of Joomla can be very boring to look at. You can customize it as you like, by adding and replacing modules on the page.

Password reset

When you are about to change passwords in other ways that it's intended to do, you should always take in mind that it always is a security risk. You should therefore use extra care when you need to use these steps. These ways work in Joomla 2.5, 3.x, and 4.x. The tutorial is based on Joomla Docs.

The RSForm component from RSJoomla is a very powerful form-creator in Joomla. Besides collecting data to the database, you can send customized emails to both users and admins, and even to others.

RSForm from RSJoomla is a powerful Formmaker for Joomla, it gives many extras options, one of them, is the ability to send values in emails based on certain selections.