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Failed login Attempts - Override the look of how the IPs are shown

The Failed Login Attempts plugin gives you an overview of your failed logins, but you can make it even better by applying a simple override. The override provides a link to more information about who has tried to log in, and you can therefore use other extensions to block the…

Bootstrap: A powerfull Framework all built into Joomla By default

Joomla 4 comes packed with features by the core version. One of these features is the Bootst6rap Framework, which Joomla has added by default. Bootstrap has been around since 2011 and part of Joomla since version 3. The latest version, 5.1, is prebuilt into Joomla 4. When this…
Notebook with lines

Override: How do I get a Subform to look better

Subform fields are mighty, but did you know they look like a list? - Here, I will show you how you can spice up the look of your Subform. Although Subforms are not a new feature in Joomla 4 but were available already in Joomla 3, in Joomla 3, they were introduced as…
Template Layout

Override: The Invalidate Cache Admin module.

In Joomla, it is relatively easy to create CSS overrides. If you would like to change the color of the Invalidate Cache button, you can read on. How to create a CSS override in Joomla 4 Administrator (Atum - Template)? Joomla is built with the intention of user customization of…
Bowel of money

Making a Joomla site on a Budget? It's Not as Hard as You Think

You’ve probably heard that Joomla is a “free” platform. That’s true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. You can download the software for free, and you can host Joomla sites for free on specific hosting platforms. However, if you want the best possible performance and…

How to override the output of the default subform in Joomla 4

In Joomla 4, we were introduced to “subforms”, which are great for creating more user-friendly fields for your articles or page, containing the fields in the subform. The problem is that when you create a subform, the fields in the subform are divided by a comma. This doesn’t…
Useful extensions for Joomla in  2023

10 of the most useful Joomla Extensions in 2023

With the ability to use extensions in Joomla, it is often prevalent to install more extensions than necessary; this will usually result in a slower site. So here are my recommendations for the ten best Joomla extensions every Joomla site should 2023.
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How to get JCE Editor to display full URLs

JCE Editor is the best and most used Editor in Joomla; only TinyMCE as the core editor can beat it. Every Joomla site should have the JCE Editor installed because it is free and easy to use.
Web Hosting in 2022

Hosting: Where and how should i host my Joomla site / sites in 2022

Having a good web hosting solution for your sites, either it is static or based on a CMS like Joomla, WordPress, or others, you have a lot of considerations to take into a factor. I will try in this article to guide you in the right direction towards modern hosting in 2022. If…
Everybody loves to cock a meal

Create an easy recipe override for your Joomla site

Food is something that we all need. Let’s create an override for your Joomla site that uses Custom Fields to generate an easy recipe that displays food recipes. We all need food, the market for good recipes is rising rapidly. We all don’t like to eat or make the same food over…
Template overrides

Create a pricing-table for Joomla using Custom Fields

If you are using Joomla as your CMS, there is a way to customize your website. These are called Template overrides. You can override almost everything in Joomla to fit your needs. You need some basic knowledge of PHP, but otherwise, it is pretty straightforward. |In this…
Create Custom Fields in Joomla - Rating stars

How to create a rating system using Custom Fields

Custom Fields in Joomla offers a large number of opportunities. You can, if you like, create an override using Custom Fields directly into the article, or you can put them into an article wherever you want. Joomla has since version 3.8 offered a large number of Custom Fields in…
Snippets - Reuse content in a smart way

Snippets - A Great Way to Reuse Content in your Joomla site

Regular Labs - Snippets for recurring content are an easy way to reuse your content on a page. It works by adding a shortcode to your site. You can manage the Snippets in an easy interface and use the default editor to ad the content.
Earn Money on your Joomla Website

Earn Money on your Joomla website, by using Affiliate Ads

If you have a website developed with Joomla CMS, you can earn money on your site. Using affiliate links from different sources and putting their ads in your content, you can sell products from your website. What are Affiliate links, and how to earn money through displaying ads…
Common reasons to a faulty website

3 Common Reasons Why Your Joomla site Isn't Working

When you have a new Joomla Installation, the most annoying thing is that it doesn’t work as you would prefer. You may end up spending hours after hours trying to find the fault but end up banging your head in the wall. Here are 3 common reasons why your site Joomla site isn’æt…
Silenced Hacking

Joomla Hack - A Better Way to insert a Menu Separator, or?

Is it possible to do things in Joomla Backend that is considered a hack! This tip from Basic Joomla is the answer, Yes!, there are several hidden possibilities in Joomla if you put your fingers into it.? - Here is how to use a hack for doing better Menu separator in Joomla. Here…
Picture of hand drowning into the Dark Water

How to use Dark Mode in the Backend of Joomla 3, custom CSS

The dark mode is the new Black, and it keeps your eyes from getting light exhausting. And it also looks great in the browser. The Dark mode is not native in either Joomla 3 or Joomla 4 (as of my knowledge). But there is a solution if you don’t want to use a plugin for your…
Data Management

Don't Make This Silly Mistake In 2021 With Your Joomla-website

One of the most common mistakes when creating a new Joomla site is not securing the Joomla-site both with Backup and Security Extensions. Having up-to-date security is essential for every site on the Internet, whether it’s a plain HTML site or a complex CMS system like Joomla or…

10 Must have Extensions for Joomla in 2021

There are many Extensions for Joomla, both free and with a paid license. But there are a few that should be mandatory for every installation of Joomla. I will here make a list of those I think is essential when you start a website.
Web engineering

How to use CSS to personalize each page in Joomla, see how

In Joomla, it’s possible to use CSS more effectively than most people realize. You can, if wanted personalize each page just by adding a CSS class to the menu link. Joomla offers in most modern templates the ability to target either the title or the page’s alias. It makes…

How to make a dropdown content slider? - Pure HTML and CSS

Is it possible to make content sliders using pure CSS & HTML only? - Read through and find out more. I will show you some smart tricks that make an awesome reusable slider using only HTMl & CSS. Have you ever written a long article with mutch specifications inside? - These…

How to change the Modules in the backend of Joomla

The backend of Joomla can be very boring to look at. You can customize it as you like, by adding and replacing modules on the page. When you install the Joomla 3.x out off the box, you get two backend templates preinstalled, the main and mostly used template is Isis, this will…
Dual Screens - Responsive

Customize the Back-end of your Joomla template using CSS

Let's state it once and for all, the backend in Joomla is quite boring, but what if you can give it a more interactive and interesting look. This is quite easy to do using the backend modules and CSS. The reason for this article offsprings from a Youtube Video that shows the…

How to fix white space under an image using CSS and HTML

Have you ever been frustrated by styling a page for then realize that every image contains a white line underneath, I saw this trick on Youtube and tried it with Joomla. The result was that line disappeared. This issue resides from the early internet when we've to use inline…

How do I hide the annoying page title using pure CSS?

Have you ever made a website with Joomla and you are getting the title "Home" with a large h1-header-tag? You can either hide the tag completely on all content, or you must specify it to be hidden on every page/article you make. There is a third and maybe smarter way to do this.…
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Three ways optimize the use of CSS in content with Joomla

< CSS has from the age of the Internet been a part of doing websites. It is an easy but useful way to design an article. There are several ways to write CSS in Joomla, you can use an external file to store all CSS codes in, you can use an extension to include the code, or you…
Password reset

Tutorial: How to change forgotten admin password in Joomla

When you are about to change passwords in other ways that it's intended to do, you should always take in mind that it always is a security risk. You should therefore use extra care when you need to use these steps. These ways work in Joomla 2.5, 3.x, and 4.x. The tutorial is…
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Template Overrides - See how to make overrides in Joomla

A template is the holy grail of a CMS-system; it lays out the structure of your website. But it's always possible to tweak the content and make it look better. All Modules, Components, or Plugins in Joomla can be changed using overrides. Though many sites may look good with the…
Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup - The best solution for backing up Joomla

One of the most important things to have in mind when you deploy a new website is Backup policy. Akeeba Backup is a free Component from AkeebaBackup, which allows you to do secure backups and maintaining them for your Joomla site.