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Regular Labs: Dummy Content

Dummy Content is not as dummy as we think. It's a great way to produce test content and display "Lorem Ipsum"-text.

Dummy Content has sometimes been a nightmare to produce. To go into Google and type "Lorem Ipsum" and copy the text into an article is not a sufficient way to work. You can now with the Regular Labs - Dummy Content. 

dummy contentThe meaning with this extension is that its easy to make "Lorem Ipsum"-text. It's an extension with more possibilities than making standard Lorem language, which is entirely gibberish. You can also add language marks that dispense "some," meaning at least.


Content Types

  • Paragraphs
    Insert hole Paragraphs with text. 
  • Sentences
    Combine Sentences in the text as a demo.
  • Words
    Demo Words in the different demo content
  • List
    Compile a gibberish list in content
  • Title
    Use it as a title
  • Email
    Create white text in Emails to prohibit Spam.
  • Image
    Create an image Placeholder.
  • Kitchen Sink
    Default content.

Demo of content and how to make it:

  • torquent nunc vitae justo
  • libero commodo vivamus commodo egestas class taciti
  • tortor hac hendrerit non varius vel lectus
  • et sed vestibulum non
  • sapien ut sem urna litora lectus
{ dummy list="5" listtype="ul"}
(no spaces at start, no spaces at the end)

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