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Failed login Attempts - Override the look of how the IPs are shown

The Failed Login Attempts plugin gives you an overview of your failed logins, but you can make it even better by applying a simple override. The override provides a link to more information about who has tried to log in, and you can therefore use other extensions to block the…
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Override: How do I get a Subform to look better

Subform fields are mighty, but did you know they look like a list? - Here, I will show you how you can spice up the look of your Subform. Although Subforms are not a new feature in Joomla 4 but were available already in Joomla 3, in Joomla 3, they were introduced as…
Template Layout

Override: The Invalidate Cache Admin module.

In Joomla, it is relatively easy to create CSS overrides. If you would like to change the color of the Invalidate Cache button, you can read on. How to create a CSS override in Joomla 4 Administrator (Atum - Template)? Joomla is built with the intention of user customization of…

How to override the output of the default subform in Joomla 4

In Joomla 4, we were introduced to “subforms”, which are great for creating more user-friendly fields for your articles or page, containing the fields in the subform. The problem is that when you create a subform, the fields in the subform are divided by a comma. This doesn’t…
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How to get JCE Editor to display full URLs

JCE Editor is the best and most used Editor in Joomla; only TinyMCE as the core editor can beat it. Every Joomla site should have the JCE Editor installed because it is free and easy to use.
Silenced Hacking

Joomla Hack - A Better Way to insert a Menu Separator, or?

Is it possible to do things in Joomla Backend that is considered a hack! This tip from Basic Joomla is the answer, Yes!, there are several hidden possibilities in Joomla if you put your fingers into it.? - Here is how to use a hack for doing better Menu separator in Joomla. Here…

How to change the Modules in the backend of Joomla

The backend of Joomla can be very boring to look at. You can customize it as you like, by adding and replacing modules on the page. When you install the Joomla 3.x out off the box, you get two backend templates preinstalled, the main and mostly used template is Isis, this will…
Password reset

Tutorial: How to change forgotten admin password in Joomla

When you are about to change passwords in other ways that it's intended to do, you should always take in mind that it always is a security risk. You should therefore use extra care when you need to use these steps. These ways work in Joomla 2.5, 3.x, and 4.x. The tutorial is…
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Template Overrides - See how to make overrides in Joomla

A template is the holy grail of a CMS-system; it lays out the structure of your website. But it's always possible to tweak the content and make it look better. All Modules, Components, or Plugins in Joomla can be changed using overrides. Though many sites may look good with the…