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10 Most useful extensions for Joomla in 2023

With the ability to use extensions in Joomla, it is often prevalent to install more extensions than necessary; this will usually result in a slower site. So here are my recommendations for the ten best Joomla extensions every Joomla site should 2023.

Extensions are an excellent addition for Joomla admins to tweak their website by adding new features and do more with the Core Joomla. Extensions are also a way for Joomla users to extend their website and make it more professional and user-friendly. There are Joomla extensions that are both free and subscription-based.

Joomla components are extensions that make the Joomla site more friendly for the admins or users. Some of the most popular Joomla components are Akeeba Backup, JCE, and Advanced Module Manager.


Akeeba Backup

Akkeba Backup Progress Bar

The free version of Akeeba Backup allows you to backup and restore your Joomla sites for free but lacks some of the features of the paid version. One of them is the feature to backup to a third-party Cloud. In Akeeba Free, you can only backup your Joomla site to a local drive or a folder on the server. Akeeba Pro gives you many more features, such as the ability to backup your Joomla site to a third-party Cloud and backup to an FTP server.

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JCE Editor (Joomla Content Editor)

JCE Editor - Write Content

This extension allows you to edit content in any format, even if it’s not a text format. It will enable you to format text, add images, videos, and other media, and it also allows you to format your text in different styles more effortlessly than the TinyMCE Editor does.

The free version of the JCE Editor is a plugin that allows you to edit your Joomla content through a WYSIWYG editor. It has many valuable features, such as a spellchecker, a text editor, and a live preview. On the other hand, the paid version of JCE Editor is a plugin that allows you to edit your Joomla content through a WYSIWYG editor and use the JCE editor to post on any page of your website, including the front page. You can use the JCE Editor to create high-quality content without needing advanced HTML and CSS coding. This summary makes the JCE Editor an excellent alternative for users with little or no coding experience.

Regular Labs - Article Anywhere

Regular Labs: Article Anywhere - How to add

Article Anywhere is an extension from Regular Labs that allows you to insert an article anywhere on your Joomla site. It is a handy extension for those looking to connect two articles or present custom fields from another article. You can use Article Anywhere to create a FAQ, provide additional information about your products and services, or even offer a guide to your website visitors.

Regular Labs - Modules Anywhere

Regular Labs: Modules Anywhere

This great extension from Regular Labs allows you to place modules wherever you desire on your Joomla site. It is, therefore, a great way to add some variety to your site design, allowing you to change your site's layout in minutes.

Regular Labs - Advanced Module Manager

This extension allows you to manage your modules in a straightforward interface. The Advanced Module Manager has a free and paid version. It is an excellent alternative for managing modules when you don’t want to use the default module manager. The Advanced Module Manager allows you to manage your modules, set module positions for different pages and menu items, and categorize the modules.


Weeblr - 4SEO

4SEO is a simple yet powerful SEO extension that helps you to optimize your Joomla website for search engines. It allows you to add meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords to your Joomla articles, which is excellent for on-page SEO. It also comes with a Google Analytics code generator, a superb tool for off-page SEO. In addition, the 4SEO allows you to set up redirect rules, which is a great way to keep your site visitors on your site.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields from Tassos Marinos is a powerful extension for Joomla that allows you to create custom fields for your Joomla site. Custom Fields are a great way to add more information and functionality to your website without using a lot of HTML and CSS coding. With ACF, you can add fields to your content, such as text fields, dropdown fields, and checkboxes. You can also use ACF to add fields to your user profile to create custom user profiles in Joomla.

Web357 - Cookies Policy Notification Bar

The Cookies Policy Notification Bar is a Joomla extension that allows you to inform visitors about your privacy policy. It is an easy way to comply with the new GDPR without writing much text. You can customize the Plugin to fit your company’s branding, allowing you to create a professional-looking privacy policy without the need for additional text. The Cookies Policy Notification Bar has a free and a pro version. The paid version allows you to add more text to your privacy policy.

Regular Labs - Snippets

Snippets from Regular Labs is a neat extension for those who don’t have time to reuse their website content. Snippets allow you to select text and images that you have added to your library and then reuse the content when you create a new article based on your snippet. You can then tweak the styles to make sure that it’s perfect. Snippets can automatically create SEO-friendly content, which is excellent for those who don’t have the time to write content or for those with a lot of content to make.

RSJoomla - RSForm

RSJoomla: RSForm Mainpage

RSForm from RSJoomla is a great form builder for Joomla. It allows you to create beautiful forms that are compatible with mobile devices. Using RSForm, you can easily create forms for submission, registration, contact forms, shopping, and more. The best thing about RSForm is that it allows you to create forms that can be placed anywhere on your site using plugins for RSForm. It has many extensions that will enable you to customize your Form, especially the ability to send an attachment with the form, make a shopping cart, and send a confirmation email to the user, including the order details in a PDF format.

RSForm - Send customized HTML emails to admins and usersRSForm - How to display values in emails based on selection


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